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Lavender & Vanilla Foaming Hand Wash Concentrate Refill

Refill your Salt of the Earth lavender & vanilla hand wash with this clever concentrate refill.   500ml of concentrate makes 1 litre of finished hand wash.  Just fill your empty existing Salt of the Earth foaming hand wash bottle with 50% concentrate (you can use the helpful marker on the label) and half with ordinary tap water.  

  • This refill uses 75% less plastic compared to x4 hand wash bottles.

    Contains 50% less water, helping save on transport energy.

    Refill your foaming hand wash bottle up to 4 times at a lower price than 4 individual 250ml bottles (*Based on our RRP's).

    Certified COSMOS Natural - 100% Natural Ingredients

    Quick to rinse, so you use less water

    Preservative free

    PH balanced

    Approved by the Vegetarian and Vegan Societies

    Leaping Bunny Approved

    Made in the UK