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Pure Aura - The New Natural Deodorant Spray For Women

March 23, 2014

The first fragranced product in the Salt of the Earth natural deodorant range, Pure Aura sets a high benchmark.  It is fragranced with a fusion of over 15 natural botanical extract and oils giving it a gorgeous lavender and vanilla fragrance that is fresh, floral and sweet – a great way to start off the day!  Like the rest of the Salt of the Earth deodorant range Pure Aura is made from 100% natural ingredients including soothing aloe vera and antibacterial honeysuckle.

Long Lasting Protection With No White Marks!

Salt of the Earth Pure Aura is made from natural mineral salts and plant extracts which inhibit the growth of odour causing bacteria on your skin giving long lasting, effective protection against body odour.  These natural ingredients don’t leave embarrassing white marks on clothes like some conventional antiperspirants. 

Standout Packaging

Designed especially for women, Pure Aura’s pink, vanilla and lavender coloured packaging looks and feels feminine.  With its unique pink foil effect, Pure Aura not only catches the eye it also stands out from the competition.  

Suitable For Vegetarians And Vegans

Pure Aura has not been tested on animals and is free from animal derived ingredients. The Salt of the Earth range has been approved by the Vegetarian Society. 

Free From

Salt of the Earth Pure Aura is free from many the ingredients people are actively avoiding in deodorants including: alcohol, aluminium chlorohydrate, triclosan, parabens and propellents.

Made Using Over 20 Years of Expertise

Crystal Spring natural deodorants were first introduced into the UK over 20 years ago and have had a devoted following ever since.  Recently Crystal Spring’s Salt of the Earth range has won a number of awards including Best Natural Deodorant 2013 at the Imperfectly Natural Platinum Awards and Green Parent Magazine’s Natural Beauty Awards.

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